If you have any interest in the design of media and information graphics, you might have heard the name of Francesco Franchi. If you not heard of him yet, you must need to read this book Designing News By Francesco Franchi.

An interesting read for all those interested in Publishing, Editorial design and to some extent, in Digital Publishing and Typography.

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Franchi has written this book from this own perspective and experiences and that’s what make the book unique than others. It is an excellent book to gather knowledge of the present condition of information media. That’s why it is a must-have book for new designers.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features


Great Analytics: Franchi shows some valuable analysis of this book great for understanding designs. He also shows the perspective on the fundamental changes which are the main things that take place in the media right now.

Relevant to Present Ad Serving: The author writes the book from his own experience which is very much relevant to the present ad serving era. Some articles, data or news content can not help like firsthand experience.

Must-Have for New Designers: The people related to media, it is a great book for them. It shows an overall illustration of the state of the world of information which is a must-know topic for the new designers.

Beautifully Organized: All the information is organized so practically that anyone would read the book with no help from others.

Get Inspiration from It: New designers will get some inspiration from it. All the experience of the author will help them generate new ideas and creates new designs.

Affordable: Although the book is a great resource of designs, it comes at an affordable price. That is something appreciable.

New Integrated Approach: The write, Franchi has introduced a new integrated approach for the editorial designers. He believes that is the new designers show dedication towards their work and have great teamwork, designs will play a key role in the new evolution of media.

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