With all the modern gadgets in this era, we hardly need to write anything. But those who still love to write, have a special place for handwritten things in their life. You need little to write beautifully as you want. All you need a perfect pen and obviously some thoughts in mind. This Fundenosuke Tombow Brush Pen can definitely meet your criteria for a pen.

Instead of sending the regular gifts, this time write a handwritten letter for your partner or dear ones. I am sure it would really touch them. They will appreciate it as a special gift from you.

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In this package, you will receive 3 pens:

  • A Hard Tip
  • A Soft Tip
  • A Dual Brush (Black & Grey)

With the help of these 3 useful pens, you can write some excellent calligraphy letters. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field, you would love using these pens.

We make these with high-quality material. The quality check is a must before the shipping that guaranteed you receive the best products. Once you use this, you would fall in love with these brush pens and would surely want to order more.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features


Excellent for Beginners: If you are a beginner who is interested in calligraphy, it would be a great item to you.

Comes with Double brush Features: It has double tips features. You can write in both hard and soft-touch using these black and gray brushes.

Perfect for Calligraphy: These Fudenosuke Tombow Brush Pen is specially made for calligraphy. You can write beautiful calligraphy with the help of it.

Disporsable:  These pens are for one time use. When you are done with using one piece, throw it away and take a new one.

Easy to Use:  It is easy to use. There are two tips for writing, one is the soft tip, and another is the hard tip.

Lightweight & Portable:  You can hardly feel any weight of this pen. It is just like a regular pen which you can always carry.

You would definitely love this product. Check it out.