Do you love running? Looking for a tracker to monitor your moves? Then this Garmin Forerunner 35 Black GPS Running Watch would be the right choice for you.

No matter if you are a professional writer or just a beginner, it would be a great device for you. It makes running much more fun than before. It’s really easy to use, all you have to do is wear this watch and you are ready.

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This GPS Running Watch comes with a high-quality battery. You need to charge only once in a week. It also monitors your heart regularly 24/7 which is a great thing. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features


Built-in GPS:  You need not carry your mobile all the time.  It tracks your moves with its built-in GPS.

Track Running Metrics: It is perfect to track your daily running, walking, racing or any kind of exercise similar to this.

Slim & Lightweight: This GPS running watch is slim that fits on your wrist perfectly. It is so lightweight that you won’t feel wearing anything. You can wear this watch as long as you want with no hesitation.

Monitor Your Heart Rate: Now you can monitor your heart rate by a just look at your wrist, anytime anywhere. It uses Garmin elevate technology that perfectly calculate your heart rate.

High-Resolution Display: It has a high-resolution display that helps you to track metrics anytime. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, you can easily monitor the data with no problem.  The display size 0.93 x 0.93 inches

Notify with Vibrates: It will notify the things with vibrations. Whenever there is a running prompts, milestone achieving or any virtual progress, it will vibrate to let you know the updates.

Smart Connectivity: It smartly connects with any phone starting from iPhone to all kinds of android.

Auto Update Features: With the help of smart connectivity, it auto updates all your progress on your device. It also updates any modifications, feature changes or progress.

Easy to Use: It is very convenient and easy to use. You can always carry it with you.

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