Many of us have an interest in the logo. It’s a passion for some of us and for others, it is a profession. Whatever it is, a good reference book would be a great help for this purpose. This Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes book is just perfect for this.

It is a nice reference guide containing lots of famous logos and an interesting variety of visual styles.  An indispensable sourcebook for graphic designers, this special mini edition of Logo features a new Pentagram-designed cover.

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Let’s have a look at its amazing features


Excellent Reference Book:  Because of its huge reference, we consider this book a logo bible.  You would indispensable reference source on logo design.

Effective Designs: The author has written this book in such a way that it reflects with its own grace. The effective design really helps the readers.

Helpful Index: The index is quite assembling that helps to find something easily. The index shows all the logos alphabetically. A well-planned index is really important to make a book successful. It shows important logos in colors to draw your attention.

Creative Refreshers: This is a great refresher for anyone looking for inspiration in their designs. It’s a great book to just pick up and skim through. Enjoy the visuals, the explanations and how everything is focused on the great logo treatments in this book.

Great for Beginners: This book is for all the people who have a love for the logo. Especially the beginners will get a huge support from reading this book.

Get Ideas from it: As it has a vast number of logos, you will surely get some idea from it. This will help you while making a new logo by yourself.

A Huge Number of Categories: It has 75 categories such as starts, crowns, crosses, animals, patterns, peoples and many other things. There are above 1300 logos are here for your study.

Inspire your Inner self: The huge collection, the diverse category will definitely inspire you to create something new. It indirectly inspires your inner self to do something creative.

Have a look at this interesting book