Need to write on a dark background? Searching for some great white markers? Then don’t worry anymore. Uni POSCA White Marker is here to meet all your requirements.
Although there are so many options available in the market, it is really hard to find which one to buy.  One can get easily confused while searching for the right one. We make these white markers of high-quality materials. Once you use them, you would fall in love with these.
No matter what material you are writing on, you can write on anything and everything. Starting from the black background, you can write on plastic, metal, glass, and photos. If you write on something, you can again write on it after drying.
It is great for making interesting doodles. It would amaze you to know that many famous YouTubers highly recommend this Uni POSCA White Marker.
Let’s have a look at its amazing features


3 Pens with Different Points: This is a set of 3 pens containing 3 different point sizes : PC-1M (0.7 mm = 0.028 in.), PC-3M (0.9 ~ 1.3 mm = 0.035 ~ 0.051 in.), PC-5M (1.8 ~ 2.5 mm = 0.071 ~ 0.098 in.).
Write on Various Materials: For its vivid color development, you can write on various materials such as plastic, metal, glass, photos. You can even paint with these on very dark colors. In short, you can write on almost anything. 
No Disturbing Smell: It is a water-based link. It becomes light and water resistance after drying.  Therefore, you will not get any unpleasant or disturbing smell from it.
Don’t Show the Ink on the Other Side: If you write something on the front side, it won’t show on the reverse side of the paper.
Great for Journals and Doodles: These pens are great for writing or highlighting journals. You can add white dots, lines and even create doodles on dark backgrounds using these. It would add depth and interest to your workpiece.
Easy to Use: It is really easy to use. No matter if you are just a beginner, you would found help helpful and super fun to use.
Lightweight & Portable:  You can hardly feel any weight of this pen. It is just like a regular pen which you can always carry.